Nominating Committee

| September 4, 2018

Want your voice to be heard?
It’s time to throw your hat in the ring to be on the ICA board

The Idaho Cattle Association Board of Directors consists of 23 members that meet to help direct the organization as it works to promote, protect and preserve the cattle industry in Idaho. ICA board members include the officer team: president, president-elect, vice president, past president and treasurer. These officers comprise our executive committee along with four council chairs. The four councils represented on the executive committee include the cow-calf, purebred, feeder and cattlewomen. This nine-member executive committee works in tandem with 14 additional board members -- two delegates from each of the five ICA districts, two at-large positions, an allied industry representative and an Idaho CattleWomen Council representative. Continued input to and support of the ICA Board of Directors are vital parts of the continued success of the Idaho Cattle Association. Idaho Cattle Association bylaws state that the nomination committee consist of the four past presidents, the retiring president and five district vice-presidents. The immediate past president serves as the chairperson of this committee. The current retiring president only votes to break a tie. You may be interested or know someone who is interested in joining the leadership of the ICA. But you may not know the process for nominating a producer to serve on the ICA Board of Directors. We are taking a bit of space here to help outline the nomination process. The ICA nominating committee will consider all names submitted to fill vacated ICA officer and board seats.

Please call or submit your letter of interest to any ICA nominating committee member prior to Oct. 15. A brief cover letter stating the background of the potential candidate, his or her leadership experience, and this person’s interest to serve would be appropriate. This can be given directly to a member of the committee, mailed to the chair or mailed to the ICA office to be forwarded on to the committee.

Mail To: Idaho Cattle Association Attn: Nom Committee PO Box 15397 Boise, Idaho 83715

Call/Email: (208)343-1615

Council chairpersons will be selected by the respective councils when the seat becomes vacant. Each council should submit two names in ranking order for consideration. Nominations are brought forth in either a council meeting or submitted in a written format to the proper council chair. The council chairs then submit nominations to the nominating committee for review and consideration. Nominations from the floor are considered official nominations of the association.

The 2018 Nominating Committee

Chair: Jerald Raymond

Past presidents: Laurie Lickley, Carl Lufkin and Jared Brackett

Current Retiring President: Tucker Shaw

District Vice Presidents: District I: Drew Mosman District II: Nathan Noah District III: Andy Prescott District IV: Ryan Steele District V: Mark Pratt

Board positions that have expiring terms in 2018 are as follows: Office of president-elect, Office of vice president, Office of treasurer, Cow-calf council chairman, District III board member, Director at large.